Listening in to the Cool Kids Table with #IMMOOC Week 3

I’ve been really enjoying #IMMOOC. I’ve been enjoying the opportunity but I haven’t been taking the opportunity.

I’ve been enjoying the conversations with educators from so many different places. Enjoying the conversations but not conversing.

I’ve realized I’ve been sitting next to the cool kids table listening to everything that is going on and I mistook that for taking part in the action. It’s amazingly easy to be inspired. This MOOC has proven that there are millions of inspirational educators out there and it’s actually pretty easy to hear what they have to say. With a little reflection, I’ve learned that listening isn’t enough. Watching videos and jotting down notes and ideas isn’t enough.

In the past, I’ve referred to myself as an “idea collector”. I  thought that was a good thing. It’s alright, don’t get me wrong. Bringing back new ideas is great, but that’s only half of the point. George Couros may have written The Innovator’s Mindset to share ideas but the idea behind this MOOC is about interaction. That’s the part I have been missing.

My goal in this last chunk of the MOOC is to have at least 5 meaningful conversations with other participants.

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